Football Meeting Dates

2022 Meeting Dates

All meetings are held at Kearney City Hall at 7:00 pm unless noted 
and topics are subject to change.
  • Monday July 18, 2022 – 1st 2022 Mid-Con Football Officials Meeting
    • Elections
    • General Information
    • Dues
    • Assigner Update
    • Upcoming football season layout
  • Monday July 25, 2022
    • New Rules: Team box extension, redefined chop block, changed offended team’s game clock options, added exception to play clock administration, added exception for passer to legally throw the ball away to conserve yardage.
  •  Monday August 1, 2022
    •  Rules Meeting with Durante Davis, KC Area MSHSAA Football Rules Interpreter
    • This meeting is open to Non-MCOA Members
  • Monday August 8, 2022
    •  Football Mechanics Meeting with KC Area MSHSAA Mechanics Coordinator Dan Ogle.
  • Monday August 15, 2022
    •  Refresher on 4-man mechanics and we will watch and discuss videos of football plays.
  • Monday August 22, 2022
    • Part II Test 

Kearney City Hall: